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Naked Girl XoXo Leah


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Naked Blonde

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Naked Girl XoXo Leah Naked Girl XoXo Leah Naked Girl XoXo Leah

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Naked Girl XoXo Leah Naked Girl XoXo Leah Naked Girl XoXo Leah

Sex Story:
That familiar crushing sound of the wave breaking against the sea was all I heard as my body propelled the board directly into the surf. I wanted one last ride before heading back to shore. Hoisting myself belly down onto the orange foam, I felt the rough surface against my skin, the rubber cord fastened to my ankle by the Velcro strap. The ocean was speaking to me, each little wave rolling underneath, tempting me to push off but waiting for the right one. The salty sea was starting to form a crest and I was ready to take it. Shifting my glance from over my shoulder to in front of me I paddled with long full strokes into the swell. It had just enough height to lift me into the air and feel the cool rush of body boarding down the front side of the beautiful foamy wave. Effortlessly moving the board side to side, feeling my feet getting sprayed by the surf.

When the ride finished I picked up the board and waded up to the edge of the water where the sand was firm beneath my toes. Tossing the board down onto the sand I positioned myself cross legged on top of it. I was catching my breath as I reached down to undo the safety strap. It was just about sunset and after a long afternoon of body boarding there was no better way to end the day than watch the sun sink into the horizon. The sky was painted orange and red, clouds strung about like wispy cotton candy. Closing my eyes I just listened; the surf crashing, the seagulls calling, the laughter behind me.

"Hey, Mary, are you done out there?"

The voice of my best friend Dani always brought a smile to my face. Dani was one of those girls who had a genuine personality and as she ran towards me, I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Dani, tell me when you have seen a more perfect sunset?"

"Geesh, Mary, I don't know. Perhaps on the boob tube when I watched 'From Here to Eternity'." I felt her arms tackle me, knocking me over face first into the sand. Her strong arms wrapped around me and then rolled us both around on the beach, just like in the movie. We were laughing like idiots.

"You are such a dork, Dani, get the hell off me, we are getting too old to roll around in the sand!"

As we stood up, I grabbed my board and we made our way back to the group of friends who were busy getting the barbeque ready and preparing the fire pit. Today there was a big crowd and I wasn't sure who everyone was but any friend of Dani's was a friend of mine. Someone had a music playing, a few people were playing volleyball and others were just enjoying a beer while chatting.

The skewered kabobs were full of juicy flavor and the smell of burning wood as the fire grew higher reminded me of how much I enjoyed living close to the beach. Then they showed up, those bleach blonde, fake tits, airhead girls who were only there to land a surfer. I can't stand phony people let alone ones who pretend to be something they are not. Their incessant talk of how they want to try surfing but are afraid to break a nail made me want to clobber them. Really, who cares about them anyway? No guy looking for a serious conversation, that's for sure.

"Pass me a Coors light, will ya?" I wasn't sure why I said that, I didn't usually drink beer.

He wasn't quite sure who she was here with, but watching the shadow of flames flicker upon her face gave her this particular glow that he couldn't stop staring at. The beach bonfire always proved to bring out the hotties but this was not your average looking surfer girl. In fact she was quite the opposite of the stereotypical beach bums. She wasn't the slender sunbather either. She was thick, but in all the right places and she had this great laugh. Every time Dani said something she would egg her on and the two of them would end up in fits of laughter. Yet he noticed that every time she looked his way and he caught her eyes that she would turn away. She was absolutely intriguing and he wanted to meet her.

"Dani, who is that guy in the Billabong shorts?"

"You mean David? That's Colin's friend, he's visiting from Baton Rouge. Why do you ask, Mary?" She knew me all too well because that last question was dripping in sarcasm.

"Dude, he's hot and check out his six pack, and a southern boy, huh?" I put on my best drawl "Y'all might have to introduce me now, ya hear?"

"Introduce yourself, beotch." Figures she would pull the 'fend for yourself' attitude. She knew that if I didn't break out of my solo shell, I would be single for the next decade.

I grabbed a handful of marshmallows and made my way over to him. Silently I walked up behind him, he was engrossed in his conversation with Colin. He was saying something about moving out here.

"Can I slide my soft, milky white pillows over your stick?" I said softly into his ear. David's face turned as red as the flames in the pit.

"Excuse me?" he said with quite the shocked look on his face.

I held out my hand. "Marshmallows, I'm talking about marshmallows. Don't you like them?"

"Sure but that's the oddest way I have ever had anyone ask me if I wanted to roast them." Then he looked at me, very coyly, and plucked one right from my hand "I wonder if you taste as good as the ones back home?" He stuffed it in his mouth.

I laughed out loud. "Are we still talking about marshmallows?" Hearing his accent was charming and we were being so stupid. "Hi, I'm Mary."

"I'm David"

"I know. How about taking a stroll with me?" Damn, where did these balls grow from? I was never this forward!

David looked at Colin for approval and it was written all over his face. His expression said it all, one of those 'have fun, you two' looks. "Take a blanket, you two, the fog is rolling in."

Truly, I'm not sure what came over me. It could have been anything, the salt air, the crowd, the music or maybe the beer. That's it, the beer. I will blame my current behavior on beer, I thought. Men do it, why cant I?

It didn't take long; it was really only about twenty minutes of strolling in the moonlight but in that time, I totally felt connected with him. We had so much in common and it was like talking to someone I had known forever. Not to mention the sexual tension building inside me was crazy. By the time we had completely polished off the marshmallows, it was dark and we were snuggled under the blanked that had been thrown at us. I made a mental note to thank Colin for that.

"I've really enjoyed getting to know you, Mary, and sitting here with you, under the stars, with the ocean, in this little cove, its all like a picture perfect movie." I felt his hand rest on my thigh and instantly got butterflies in my stomach. "You're beautiful, not like any woman I have met before."

"David, is that southern charm I feel on my leg?"

In the moonlight, I could see he was blushing.

"No, this is southern charm." He leaned forward and started kissing my neck. He whispered "I want you, Mary, from the moment I saw you I knew I wanted more."

That took me totally by surprise and I had to admit I was definitely feeling it.

"I'm not going to stop you David, I feel the same way."

He trailed kisses down my neck and to my chest. I could feel his long fingers slipping around my back and untying my bikini top. I leaned back into the sand and felt the cool grains against my skin. My nipples puckered at the breeze and even more so with the flicking of his tongue against my skin. "Man, you taste salty" he said.

I laughed. "Well I did get out of the water a little while ago"

"I want to make you wet." He said.

"Hmmm, I thought southern men had manners." I said teasingly

"Okay, please let me make you wet."

I opened my legs as an invitation and could immediately feel his hand moving upwards. He was strong and I liked the forcefulness of his touch. His fingers found their way to my shorts and he unbuttoned them, and then unzipped them. When he spread my lips open I gasped in anticipation.

"What, Mary? What do you want?" he asked.

"You know what I want David, don't make me beg for it. I told you I won't stop you."

His fingers found my clit; it was throbbing and as he circled around and around. I found myself getting lost in pleasure. He was perfect, just the right pressure and just the right motion. Slow sweet circles then faster and faster. God, he was good and I was enjoying every minute of this. I didn't want to come right away but if he kept this up I was going to lose it. As he was rubbing my clit he leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"I can see it in your face, you want to come as much as I want to watch you, to feel you and then fuck you."

That was it, I was gone. I could feel myself climaxing, the strain of the pressure building in my clit was so intense and when he slid a finger inside my pussy I clenched around it and came hard.

"Yeah, that's it, that's my girl, come for me." He whispered. "Oh yea, I love watching your face."

"Mmm, David that was incredible." I said. "I want to feel you inside me."

As he sat up to slide between my legs, I shut them quickly. He looked confused.

"No David, not like that. Like this." As I said that I slid out from underneath him and managed to shove him into the sand. My fingers moved effortlessly as I slid his rock hard cock out of his pants. I stepped out of my board shorts and kept the blanket over us so if anyone did walk by they wouldn't see. I easily moved on top of him and straddled him. I rocked my hips against him, my wet pussy getting his cock harder and slippery enough that I knew I could take him inside me in one smooth movement.

I could see the desire in his face as the shine from the moon lit him up. God he was hot! I positioned myself over him and held his cock in my hand.

"Is this what you want, David?" I said.

"Yes, Mary, please, I want to be inside you."

I rubbed his cock head against my clit and it felt so good, I had to close my eyes and just enjoy it for a moment. He was too quick for me and I guess I had teased him too much.

"Enough," he said. At the same moment I felt him enter me. His thick hard shaft filling my insides, oh my God he felt so fucking big. When did the tables turn here? How am I not in control again? I just let it go, I was so enjoying this.

I pushed up onto my feet and slid up and down on his cock, taking him out all the way to the tip of the head and then sliding down just to the ridge. When I knew he couldn't take the teasing anymore, I let him all the way in and in this position he was super deep. I leaned down close to him and rocked against him, his cock getting harder and harder. I reached around to fondle his balls and they were so tight up against his body I knew he was going to come soon. He wouldn't stop looking at me, it was so intense.

"Come here, Mary, let me kiss you." He said.

He tongue delved deep into my mouth, roaming, exploring tasting and all the while, he was caressing my tits, pinching at my nipples. He was going to make me come again and I loved every minute of this. I could feel him thrusting into me and I knew he was close.

"Come for me, David, I want to feel you explode in me."

"Oh yea, Mary, yes that feels so good, don't stop fucking me." Feverishly I bounced on him, my tits in his face as he was ready to come. I could feel him tightening up, as ready to burst as was I.

"David, you're going to make me come again, come with me."

I felt the pulsing of his cock at the same time as his eyes rolled back into his head, his moaning was fucking hot and I exploded at the same moment that I felt his hot juice pour into me. He grabbed me hard and pulled me down on top of him, holding me close.

"Oh yes, Mary, that was amazing."

"Yes, you were, David, thank you for that."

"No, thank you. I want to see more of you." I was surprised by that admission. I figured this would be just a quick fuck to him and I told him that.

"Don't cheapen this, I really do like you and I should probably tell you that I just bought a house out here."

As we were dressing I was thinking to myself, Holy shit! He was moving here? Unbelievable!

"I would like that David, who knows; perhaps this can be the start of something."

"You never know, Mary, you never know!"

As we made our way back to what was left of the bonfire, he held my hand and just kept smiling at me. We were greeted by a round of applause. I almost died of embarrassment (and satisfaction).